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Very interesting museums in Barcelona

We suggest you take a museum tour through a selection of some of our favorite museums in Barcelona and its surroundings. Not all of them are there, and some of the most important ones may [...]

Holidays In Sant Cugat 2020

We will discover you which will be the holidays in Sant Cugat 2020 so that you can organize your agenda. You can already write down the bridges, public holidays and local festivals that will make [...]

What do travel bloggers recommend in Sant Cugat?

Sant Cugat del Vallès is 15 minutes away from Barcelona, but there are still plenty of people who know nothing about its tourist treasures. Among them are several travel bloggers, experts in roaming the world [...]

5 outings to Sant Cugat from Barcelona

15 minutes away from Barcelona is Sant Cugat del Vallès, a city with a broad cultural offering for all sorts of people. A perfectly preserved 9th-century monastery, an antiques market, the only museum in Europe [...]

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