We will discover you which will be the holidays in Sant Cugat 2020 so that you can organize your agenda. You can already write down the bridges, public holidays and local festivals that will make up this year’s calendar – find out!

Which are the holidays in Sant Cugat 2020?

This 2020, there are some new events in the Sant Cugat work calendar. First of all, you should know that ths year,the local holidays in Sant Cugat this year willare be on the 3rd of  March and 29th of June.

Sant Pere (Saint Peter)

Monday 29th June is  Sant Pere’s day, the co-patron of the city, which also coincides with the Festa Major de Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Sant Medir

This year 2020 on March 3rd, the day of Sant Medir (co-patron of the city), falls on a Tuesday, the luck ones may make a long weekend.

Holidays in Sant Cugat 2020 Sant Medir

If you want to know all the holidays in Sant Cugat 2020, here is a complete list of them. Take note:

  • Wednesday, January 1: New Year’s Day (statewide holiday)
  • Monday, January 6: Epiphany (statewide holiday)
  • Tuesday 3 March: Sant Medir (local holiday)
  • Friday, April 10: Good Friday (statewide holiday)
  • Monday 13 April: Easter Monday (a public holiday in Catalonia)
  • Friday, May 1: Labor Day (statewide holiday)
  • Wednesday 24 June: Saint John’s Day (a public holiday in Catalonia)
  • Monday 29th June: Sant Pere (Saint Peter’s) (local holiday)
  • Saturday, August 15: The Assumption (statewide holiday)
  • Friday 11 September: National Day of Catalonia (a public holiday in Catalonia)
  • Wednesday 16th September: party only in Valldoreix (local holiday)
  • Monday 12 October: Spanish National Day) (statewide holiday)
  • Tuesday, December 8: La Inmaculada (statewide holiday)
  • Friday, December 25: Christmas (statewide holiday)
  • Saturday, December 26: St. Stephen’s Day (statewide holiday)

Commercial calendar in Sant Cugat

In the case of trade, the work schedule changes slightly. In general terms, you should know that in Catalonia traders can open a maximum of 8 Sundays or public holidays during the year established by the Generalitat.

But, in addition, they can also open 2 more days that will be established by the municipalities and, in the case of Sant Cugat, the holidays when it is possible to open to the public are:

  • 5 and 12 January
  • 5th July
  • August 15th
  • October 12th
  • November 29th
  • 6, 13, 20 and 27 December